BSSA Membership


Following on from last week’s registration with CHAS, we are now proud members of the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA).

“The BSSA provides marketing support, technical advice, information, training and education in all aspects of stainless steel. 

The primary objective of the BSSA is to encourage the use of stainless steel in manufacturing and construction.”

If your company uses stainless steel, I would recommend wholeheartedly that you check them out and register as members. Over the past twenty years, I’ve personally benefitted from the expert advice from their Stainless Steel Advisory Service (telephone helpline) as well as the excellent training courses they offer (stainless steel metallurgy, etc.).

What We Do

Stainless Steel passivation

We are specialists in the onsite chemical treatment of stainless steel. From pre-commissioning cleaning, passivation and validation, to the ongoing maintenance and restoration of in-service equipment and surfaces

Oxygen Cleaning

An oxygen-enriched /pressurized environment will result in much more vigorous combustion (potentially explosive) and can cause ignition in materials that would not normally burn in atmospheric air.

Stainless Steel pickling

Successful pickling is a function of acid strength, acid temperature and contact time. All three variables can be manipulated (within reason) in order to suit the grade of stainless steel, the component being processed and of course, the client’s schedule.

Having the premium accreditation is just the first of many standards that the business will be striving to achieve this year. We provide real solutions to many industries and setting standards above and beyond the competition is our primary focus.
Neil Brook