About us

INOX Passivation Ltd was formed in 2019 by Neil Brook – after twenty years of working in senior operational positions for other, large metal finishing companies.

Having managed/supervised various high-profile chemical cleaning projects (most recently, Urenco TMF, Culzean Project and Gloucester EfW), Neil has extensive experience across a range of industries, environments and process requirements.

Our mission statement is:

To offer transparent, responsive, high-quality chemical cleaning services that exceed our client’s expectations; to continuously develop and retain our staff; and reduce the impact of our processes with regards to health, safety and the environment.

To achieve this, we have identified three key strategies that will regulate our behaviour and ensure ongoing success:


Continuously develop our QHSE systems with the purpose of reducing risk, improving profitability and increasing customer satisfaction


We place a heavy emphasis on staff contentment and for every decision, we consider how it will affect our personnel. A positive and constructive work environment where our people are encouraged to participate in technical challenges, is beneficial to all stakeholders.


Our end goal will always be to use products and processes that reduce risk to personnel, the environment and our client’s equipment. As such, we have a policy of ongoing investment in modern chemistry and equipment.

Rather than following the strategy used by our competitors (cater to all markets with a one-size-fits-all approach), we offer a focussed, specialised service using industry specific equipment.

Our pharmaceutical circulation equipment will only ever be used on pharmaceutical plant. We won’t use pumps and hoses in a clean room that were used on a fertiliser manufacturing facility / oil-rig the week before.

Likewise, our chemicals are not multi-purpose. They are specially formulated for respective industries and, where possible, are selected because they are friendly to the environment and operational staff.

In almost all cases, our chemical solutions are blended using significantly lower concentrations and with less hazardous ingredients than the industry standards. They are also more effective than the conventional products.

For example, we offer a nitric-acid free pickling liquid (no formation of toxic NOx fumes) and pickles super-duplex up to three times more quickly than generic HF / nitric.

Our passivation process has been tested to show that it is much more effective than traditional methods using nitric acid, citric acid, complexing agents and electrolytic polishing.

Not to mention, that our derouging solution is pH neutral – and can go directly down the drain after the process has finished.